Kaiser, Henry - Mahalo Nui: Solo Guitar 2023 CD

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Henry’s latest [at this writing] is this fine overview of his solo work using digital time (delay/repeat) effects.

“More than 45 years ago I was one of the earliest adopters of studio rack effects to radically expand my guitars’ expressive capabilities. One inspiration behind this methodology was my love for solo improvisors who sounded like more than a single musician when performing live. Terry Riley, Evan Parker, Cecil Taylor, and Derek Bailey were early masters of this.
Equally inspiring were my personal heroes of the post-WWII classical composers: Gyorgi Ligeti, Conlon Nancarrow, lannis Xenakis, Toru Takemitsu, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Giancinto Scelsi.
Today in 2023, I am still inspired to use digital time domain effects to make my guitars sound like things from beyond what guitar has been before. Many of the the tracks on this CD (all of them recorded live and without overdubbing) exemplify the multiplicities of this approach to solo guitar.

Some of these solos came from my video shows produced for the Cuneiform Records YouTube page during the pandemic years.

Muchas Gracias to my pals Scott and Jimmy for joining up with me on the final track.”
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