Kaiser, Henry - You Can't Get There From Here 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

SKU Fractal 2015-2-MBS
Gautam Tejas Ganeshan - voice
Danielle DeGruttola - cello
Henry Kaiser - guitar
Anantha R. Krishnan - mridangam & kanjira
Michael Manring - electric bass
Wu Na - guqin

"This is perhaps the most unusual improvisation album that Henry Kaiser has produced. The 2-CD is something in the tradition of INVITE THE SPIRIT, in that it fuses other world music traditions with American free improvisation.

In this case we have a truly unlikely mixture of ancient Chinese music, western electric jazz fusion, Carnatic Classical music of South India, and free improvisation. All 6 players are individualistic virtuosos, who are true innovators. Together they become something much greater than the sum of their parts, with a goal of musically transporting themselves and the listeners to a place that could never be imagined, only discovered."

Henry also sent me this personal aside: "one thing I like about this record is that when I play acoustic like Derek Bailey style on it Manring deals with it perfectly - he might as well be Barry Guy in that context. It’s true that Manring can pretty much do anything with no effort."
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