Kaiser, Henry / Alexei Pliousnine - Indestructible Fantasy (artist-released CDR) (Mega Blowout Sale)

SKU Fractal 2016-310-MBS
Drums: Gino Robair, John Hanes
Saxophones: Jon Raskin, Marco Eneidi
Guitars: Henry Kaiser, Alexei Pliousnine
Double Bass: Damon Smith
Piano: Scott R. Looney

“This is a wild large ensemble, free jazz album with two ecstatic electric guitars out in-front.
Back in 2006, seven long time members of the Bay Area improv scene welcomed Russian guitarist Alexei Pliousnine to his San Francisco visit with a day-long recording session at the legendary Fantasy Studios in Berkeley.
With the energy of an old FMP album, yet the detail and thoughtfulness of an historic Incus release, everyone here does what they do best: IMPROVISE.
The late Marco Eneidi is teamed up with ROVA’s Jon Raskin on the dueling duel saxes, and the double drums of Gino Robair and John Hanes take no rhythmic prisoners.
The 80 minutes of music on this CD, hidden in the Fantasy Vault, for a decade, will keep your audio transducers and brain vibrating for days of adventurous and fun listening.”
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