Kandinsky Effect - Synesthesia

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Conceived in Paris’s cosmopolitan jazz scene, forged on the road in America, and informed by international currents in electronic music, The Kandinsky Effect is a jazz power trio for the 21st century. Now based in New York City, the band makes its Cuneiform debut with Synethesia, a roller-coaster ride of an album marked by fierce grooves, subtle electronic textures, intricate metrical shifts, and a commitment to empathic group interplay.

Featuring Warren Walker on saxophone and electronics, Gaël Petrina on bass and electronics, and Caleb Dolister on drums and laptop, The Kandinsky Effect avidly explores a vast sonic territory, including some too seldom associated with jazz. They are searching for new ways to work within the jazz idiom by blending the borders of jazz, rock, electronica, hip-hop and experimental sounds.

Steeped in improvisation and various post-bop vocabularies as well as rock, electronic and contemporary music, as well as their affinity for loops and effects, the trio has honed a sound described by the Los Angeles Times as “bracing, electronically tweaked jazz....” It’s an approach that erases distinction between front line and rhythm section, as all three musicians constantly direct the music’s flow, changing arrangements and musical movement on the flying by employing several dozen hand cues and other methods. As the group states, “Our music doesn’t have to be harmonically complex to be interesting. The effects are almost a separate instrument. We think of ways to shape the effects around the tune. It’s never ending. Every gig is different and an experiment. The risk is what makes it happen."

Active for 5 years, the group has toured extensively, hitting clubs and festivals all across the USA, Canada and Europe, with more touring and major festival gigs already lined up to support this release.

You can hear a track from the album here
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