Kelley, Peter - Path of the Wave

Last chance to pick this up, as Fallout have gone bust. Last copies and available at a bargain price!

"East Coast singer-songwriter Peter Kelley made two superb albums, of which this is the first. An atmospheric blend of bluesy downer folk and psychedelia, it features eerie vocals and deft touches of violin and fuzz guitar. First released in 1969, it makes its CD debut here, and is sure to appeal to fans of artists such as Sandy Bull, Michael Hurley and Gary Higgins."

"Folk-psych with almost whispered vocals. Songs range from Dylanesque ballads to the monster cut 'The Man Is Dead,' with fuzz guitar."-Fuzz, Acid & Flowers

"Compelling and memorably expressive. There are some downer folk-like songs here that should appeal to psych fans. Enjoyable and unique stuff."-The Acid Archives
  • LabelFallout
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