Oregon - Vanguard Visionaries (special)

Oregon, which had its origins in the Paul Winter Consort of the 1960s, emerged in the very late 1960s and boasted four talented players who were all multi-instrumentalists: Ralph Towner (12-string guitar, classical guitar, piano, French horn), Paul McCandless (oboe, English horn, bass clarinet), Collin Walcott (tabla, sitar, clarinet, piano) and Glen Moore (bass, violin, flute and piano). Their unique, acoustic take on jazz combined with folk and world music was hugely influencial and continues to have resonnance today. This excellent collection with is just a little shy of a full hour includes tracks from their 2nd-4th albums: 'Winter Light', 'Distant Hills' and ' Music of Another Present Era'. Great music and a stunning price; highly recommended to anyone who doesn't already own a couple of their albums.

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