Hendrix, Jimi - Classic Albums: Electric Ladyland DVD (special)

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"Can an effective episode of Classic Albums be produced when its subject's creator has been dead for more than a quarter century? Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is yes. With Experience members Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell, additional musicians on the order of Steve Winwood and Dave Mason, manager Chas Chandler, and engineer Eddie Kramer telling much of the story, Jimi Hendrix still stands front and center in this hourlong examination of the making of his most ambitious release, the 1968 double LP Electric Ladyland. The series's usual centerpiece (isolating parts of the multitrack tapes to illuminate the whole) is invaluable not only in demonstrating Hendrix's genius for building performances in the studio, but, by extension, implying how the music coming out of his head reflected his heart. The result is possibly the most moving documentary about Hendrix, and certainly one whose rare bits of film (such as a promotional clip for "Burning of the Midnight Lamp") make it even more invaluable."-Rickey Wright

"While the average Hendrix fan might not be interested in the details of how Electric Ladyland was made, for musician this DVD is priceless. If you've seen "The Making of Sgt Pepper" and liked it, this is a similar treatment of Electric Ladyland. You get to hear individual tracks and interviews from the engineer and band members on how it was all done. Eddie Kramer, Mitch, Noel, all talking about their memories. You also get a glimpse into the personality of Hendrix that is very different than the wild man image. This movie has given me even more appreciation of this musical masterpiece."-J. Thomas Hudson
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