Kings of Belgium - Unchained Melodies

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"The Kings Of Belgium, are a poweful trio of atomic jazz-punk-disco-reaggae pop-trash core music. The "Kings of Belgium" includes Pierre Vervloesem (X-legged Sally, dEUS, Flat Earth Society, a Group, Wim Vandekeybus, etc...), Gil Mortio (Attica, Bruno Vansina, etc...) and Didier Fontaine (a Group, Salvatore Adamo, dEUS, BJ Scott, etc...). The project is based on a free spirited musical approach. There is no compositions as such, the music is therefore totally spontaneous which makes it heavy, light, rageous...depending on the moods explored by the band. You can compare their way of working with the sound & method of John Zorn, Mike Patton, the Residents and Frank Zappa. The album has been recorded in 2 crazy days in august 07. Every live performance is unique and the result is a new and innovative experience every time..."
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