Caca - Sketches of Pain (special)

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This is packaged in a very simple cardboard sleeve, as if it were an EP, but this is a full length, new album by the latest band of Pierre Vervloesem (X-Legged Sally, Flat Earth Society). Perhaps a bit more raucous and wild than before (hey - a simple paper sleeve will do that to you), but if you know and love his work with XLS and FES, you know what you are getting here!

"This new megalo delirious adventure is based on second degree, starting by the name of the band which, quoting Pierre, has nothing to do with scatology. Here Pierre renews his taste for big formations, like he did with X-legged Sally or still does playing with Flath Earth Society. With Caca, he signs a very interesting parody of jazz working with two noisy quartets . The first one being guitar, bass, drums and keyboard while the second one being alto, tenor, bariton and bass saxes. The composing is without concession, like a rock, sometime out of tune, but ultimately ultra melodic and reaching at times some of the best John Barry ambiances. Most of the musicians here are coming from the jazz scene, which is also kind of fun for Pierre. The music is an heritage from the New-York scene from the 70's-80s, but has an instant modern echo which makes you want to move your feet on it!"

pierre vervloesem: guitars
gil mortio: bass
teun verbruggen: drums
peter vandenberghe: keys
benjamin boutreur: alto sax
roeland van hoorne: tenor sax
bruno vansina: bariton sax
nic roseeuw: bass sax

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I like x-legged Sally (and the other off-shot groups) but this one is quite special. They are(even) a bit more skewed toward RIO (which is always a plus for me)... and the wind arrangements are fantastic through out. As always with pierre vervloesem's compositions there is a bit of craziness but it works better in this particular effort. Also his guitar work is fantastic here. A keeper...
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