October Equus - Saturnal CD

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The third release from this Spanish 'modern R.I.O.' styled group and definitely their most assured so far. While most of the characters from their previous releases remain Angel Ontalva (guitar and compositions), Victor Rodriguez (keyboards and compositions) and Amanda Pazos Cosse (bass), two new members from Planeta Imaginario have joined the group: drummer Vasco Trilla and saxist Alfonso Muñoz. Also here are saxist Fran Mangas and cellist Pablo Ortega. Having seven pieces available to them really allows them to expand out on the orchestrations of what was already impressively fiendish and sometimes quite dark writing. A fine, world-class ensemble! Highly recommended.

"With Saturnal October Equus from Madrid establish themselves as the point of reference for the iberic avant-prog scene. Edgy, hypnotic, fascinating, often with a leaden atmosphere, sometimes even gloomy, the album explores intricate harmonic solutions, in an endless counterpoint between Angél Ontalva's guitar (author of the remarkable CD artwork too), saxophone and keyboards. The result is greatly solid, with unexpected melodic passages which can be considered in the middle between Starless and Bible Black by King Crimson and Henry Cow structural density. The thirteen tracks of Saturnal show a dizzy chasing of ideas, carried out with conviction and care of details."

References: Henry Cow, King Crimson, Univers Zero, Present

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