Nerve Institute - Architects of Flesh Density CD

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"Behind the name of Nerve Institute actually hides the genius of Mike Judge alone, composer and multi-instrumentalist (and a writer as well) from Kansas City, creator and collaborator of many projects with a clearly avant and experimental mark. Architets of Flesh-Density is a proper one man album: Judge composes, sings and plays all the instruments, skillfully and without the typical naïveté of some self-sufficient productions. RIO, Zappa, avant-prog and contemporary music have a clear influence. As in the previous album Ficciones (released as Sinthome), Judge is inspired by other extramusical worlds: in this case, Alain Robbe-Grillet's writing and G.W. Pabst's cinema. A lively work, result of a deep and relentless compositional research."

References: Simon Steensland, The Underground Railroad, Frank Zappa.

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