Abrete Gandul - Enjambre Sismico CD

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This is the second release by this Chilean instrumental progressive quartet of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. Their first album was quite good although it passed by sort of un-noticed and it's nice that they are back on a higher-profile label to give it another shot!

"Marked by an evident Crimso vein, both in the harmonical geometries and in general for the sound, the band proposes an instrumental formula that ranges over ethereal atmospheres and granitic tangles, a perfect synthesis of electric and electronic, in an ongoing game of references between guitars, keyboards and the sax of Leo Aries (Akinetón Retard, from Chile as well). Thanks to a solid technic and solo skills, Abrete Gandul shows the possibility of a genuinely eclectic and perfectly recognizable approach." References: King Crimson, Magma, Akineton Retard

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