Secret Chiefs 3 - Hurqalya: Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws CD

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"Mimicry Records reissues two CDs by Secret Chiefs 3 with previously unreleased bonus tracks: First Grand Constitution and Bylaws and Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws, originally released by Amarillo, currently out of print. Taking their cue from medieval esoteric Shi'ism and the Ismaili gnostics, the SC3 weave sound tapestries strangely consistent with their unorthodox worldview. The music so passionately pits itself against the banal shit-world of the Apparent, refusing to be pinned down, gentrified or co-opted into any consistent format it can't help but exude that other, more controversial side of mysticism: holy war. No mere ignorant blunder into militant experimental darkness, Secret Chiefs' music is a heroic and Herculean effort that brings real excitement into the world of sound. Go into the light!"
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