Dead C - Future Artists

"In their first new album since 2003's The Damned and last year's double-CD greatest hits behemoth, Vain, Erudite and Stupid, New Zealand's The Dead C return with another uncompromising realization of the finest rock improvisation you'll ever hear. Future Artists contains five tracks of genius drone and barbarous clashing sounds. From the first track, 'The AMM of Punk Rock' through to the last, 'Garage,' their intensity is unyielding, their inventiveness jaw-dropping. It's been twenty years, and The Dead C show no sign of losing their ability to express the surreal and undefined. Long may they prosper."

" Forerunners of post-rock and the modern-day revival of space rock, the Dead C were an improvisational, hugely prolific noise-rock trio indebted to Sonic Youth (whose Thurston Moore was an avowed fan), as well as Krautrock and psychedelia. Challenging and mostly instrumental, they were a definite anomaly on the New Zealand scene, which was still known primarily for the jangly collegiate pop of the Flying Nun label when the band first emerged in the late ‘80s. Perhaps in part for that reason, the Dead C didn't attract much of a fan base in their home country; their audience was mostly international, developed initially through fanzine culture and word of mouth..."-Steve Huey/All Music Guide
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