Koepper, Jeffrey - Sequentaria (special)

"Sequentaria is Jeffrey Koepper's third solo release. This release features Jeffrey Koepper's exploration of analogue sequencer styles and atmospheres. Jeffrey Koepper has been releasing excellent electronic music since 1985 in various groups and collaborations. Koepper is a unique electronic composer in today's world in that he uses a wide variety of vintage synthesizers and sequencers to create his emotional evolving sound-worlds. His mission is to create "The music of tomorrow with the technology of yesterday." Instruments by Oberheim, Arp, Sequential Circuits, Moog, PPG, Emu, Roland and others were put into service in the creation of Sequentaria.The use of the instruments is evident by the smooth lush organic textures and interlocking sequencer patterns that are not possible on modern instruments. All of the songs were created through live real time sound-sculpturing with the composer interacting directly with the tactile interface of the analogue synths and sequencers to make them arise, breathe and come to life. Then the individual tracks are then mixed in real time using an analogue mixing desk and a variety of vintage effects devices. The composer melts the tracks into each other to create these beautiful soundscapes and rhythms. Steve Roach was integral in the final arrangement and finishing treatments of Sequentaria."
  • LabelAir Space
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