Kovac, Boris - Ritual Nova I & II CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

“Boris Kovacs was born in Vojvodina, the multi-ethnic region of what was then Yugoslavia. He studied accordion and saxophone, going on to teach himself many other instruments. On this record he plays mainly soprano saxophone, leaving Jasna Jovisevic to take alto and bassclarinet. Like pianist Slobodank Stevic, she was classically trained, as was bassist Sinisa Mazalica. The drummer, Boris' son Lav Kovac, is celebrated for his very different playing in Howling Owl and with a variety of eastern bands.
ReR released their first record by Boris, Ritual Nova, in 1989. Since then he has played at festivals around the world, written music for theatre and film, and been briefly wooed by the World Music community, though his refusal to conform to type leaves him still in a class of one.. What's remarkable about Boris is that he has carved out a musical form that transcends genre, or even musical content; it's a music of depth and feeling, and that's what you hear beyond the notes or style. And he has gathered, over time, musicians who can realize that mysterious quality.
For Boris, this is a small group, only five people, and the music is more fragile, more personal than that of the larger ensembles. Although informed by chamber music, Serbian, Romanian and Hungarian folk music - and jazz, you can't file this record in any of those categories. With his various ensembles Boris has given well over 500 concerts at World/New Music/Jazz festivals, across 30 countries and 4 continents.
He has made 3 appearances in the Top 10 World Music Charts. Europe. His CD The Last Balkan Tango was chosen as one of the 50 best albums ever by the British Songlines magazine.”
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