Kraan - Porta Westfalica 1975 CD

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A never-before released, completely professional recording of Kraan in their mid-70s prime! Oh, yeah!!

“Since the 1970s, Kraan has been one of the pioneering representatives of the cross-border (fusion) rock genre. After the release of the highly successful album "Kraan / Live," keyboardist Ingo Bischof (previously with "Karthago") joined the band in 1975. "Porta Westfalica 1975" was one of the first performances after the reshuffle. The magic of this new beginning is palpable in every song and leads to Kraan classics with new complexity and versatility, playing pleasure and energy, creativity and freshness.
"This was also one of our newest pieces," "it doesn't have a name yet" (announcement by Hellmut Hattler). It was then called "Prima Klima" on the studio album "Let It Out," featuring the exact "Porta Westfalica lineup": Hellmut Hattler, Peter Wolbrandt, Jan Fride, Ingo Bischof, and Alto Papert.
In addition to well-known titles such as "Holiday am Marterhorn," "Andy Nogger - Gutter King," "Kraan Arabia," and other Kraan classics in a never-before-seen form, the recording features previously unreleased live titles such as "Luftpost" and the aforementioned "Prima Klima." This musical journey perfectly reflects Kraan's unique vision. Overall, this concert recording is an absolute must-have for Kraan fans. Kraan is a German rock band that was founded in Ulm in 1970. Their music is characterized by a fusion of rock, jazz, and funk elements. Kraan's first album was released in 1972, and they quickly gained popularity in Germany and other European countries. The band went through several lineup changes over the years, but bassist Hellmut Hattler and guitarist Peter Wolbrandt were the mainstays of the group. Kraan's music has been described as "instrumental rock with jazzy overtones and occasional psychedelic flights of fancy." Despite their popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, Kraan continues to perform and record new music to this day.”
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