Labrosse, Diane - Musique pour Objets en Voie de Disparitio / Music for Objects on the Verge of Extinction

"Eight pieces like eight flashbacks to a bygone daily sonic life. A nostalgia-prone stroll down obsolescence lane. Eight pieces like eight memories and stories, true or fictional, happy or sad, in Technicolor or smell-o-rama. The pieces include: 1. Night, snores, tick-tock, peace, dreams, drrrring! 2. Desert, wind, sand, blues, pulleys, windmill, sun, 3. Play, unwind, rewind, clack, fast-forward, tape, a reedy voice, 4. Mystery, tension, clock, action, drama, ring nobody! 5. The fall of black and white in a "natural" context, 6. The printer. Nostalgia for the future. Soon, it will be only virtual, 7. Messages left on cassettes, found in flea markets and bazaars, stories by "real" people. (Thanks to Shirley and Ginette), 8. The hum of percolators, the gargles of coffee going up and down, music in smell-o-rama for a rainy morning. This CD was entirely assembled without the consent of the musicians playing on it. I thank them for agreeing to record "blindfolded" and let me manipulate them as I pleased."-Diane Labrosse
  • LabelAmbiances Magnetiques
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