Tetreault, Martin/Kid Koala - Phon-O-Victo

"This tandem’s fusion seemed strange on paper, but true pleasure came out of their meeting, one of the best surprises at FIMAV this year."-David Cantin, Le Devoir

"A real springboard to imagination, those two DJs with very different backgrounds (one is affiliated to avant-garde and noise music, the other comes from Hip-Hop’s left wing) offered a dialogue ranking among FIMAV’s striking meetings. Marking the adventurous approach with known references, Tétreault and Koala truly gave it all."-Alain Brunet, La Presse

Two turntablists gave us a very high-quality performance. Tétreault – a madly imaginative experimenter – and Koala – a true competition DJ – turned in an improvised duo performance full of good humour, surprises, and instrumental acrobatics."-Réjean Beaucage, Improjazz
  • LabelVicto
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