Lefebvre, Cyril - Cocaine Blues

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Cyril Lefebvre is a guitarist who plays sort of 'old timey' style, finger-picked guitar, but who is known for his time working with Rick Brown and Sue Garner (Fish and Roses), Guigou Chenevier (Etron Fou, Volapuk) and Video-Aventures. His stylistic juxtapositions are unique, to say the least.

"The guitarist and founding member of Maajun in 1969 (who released one album on the Vogue label), Cyril Lefebvre recorded three beautiful albums during the Seventies. "Cocaïne Blues", the second one, is one of the finest achievements of the Golden Age Of The Musical Underground In France. Here is an unclassifiable and pataphysical music based on a traditional repertoire, drawing briskly in blues, ragtime, waltz, foxtrot... It has all the major qualities: subtlety, innovation, luxury, humor. Published by the Gazul label on their Les Zut-O-Pistes series, it is is supplemented by new live recordings, film soundtracks and other previously unheard materials and rare photographs."
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