Lindsay, Arto - Charivari (Black Cross Solo Sessions 7) CD

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“One of the architects of no wave with his band DNA, a pioneer of noise guitar, sublimely inventive producer, and slinkily seductive songwriter, Arto Lindsay has worn countless musical hats.
Invited to make a solo record for the Black Cross Solo Sessions, Lindsay boiled it down to essential ingredients, waxing a collection of bristling new songs and works for solo guitar; on six of a baker's dozen tracks, his angelic voice offsets the bracing dissonance of his acidic electric.
Recorded at studios in Brooklyn and Araras, Brazil, Charivari has the intensity of a killer live session; it's closer in vibe to the more aggressive side of his work -- think of his trio outing Aggregates 1-26 or the barbed riffs of classic DNA -- than gorgeously arranged solo songwriting records like O Corpo Sutil (The Subtle Body). In these razor sharp cuts you may well discover the identity of what, in the song "Nothing," Lindsay calls "holier than thou timing." CD contains full transcriptions of Lindsay's lyrics.”
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