Magma - Rock Duo Magma CD (expanded)

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Siegfried Scholz - drums, vocal
Detlef Gherke - piano, organ, synth, vocal

"Magma were a rock duo from Gelsenkirchen. They were playing only on organ and drums like Hardin & York or Hansson & Karlsson.
Their only LP, which turned up very late with collectors, was released in 1975 (Elrec 1026). On this CD you can find five bonus tracks, all of them never released before. The four first ones had been performed live, the last one was recorded at the studio.
Magma, having a lot of gigs, were a very prolific band. At their best they performed up to 15 times a month, very often in the Netherlands, too. They are known as well for their constancy. During their existence, from 1973 until 1978 there was no change in line-up. Performing in duo they were at their best. The end of Magma came when Detlef Gehrke decided to quit because of his need for more time on his own.
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