Mahanthappa, Rudresh - Kinsmen

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"Kinsmen is a groundbreaking project by alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa that melds jazz and South Indian Carnatic music into a single organic whole. Features Kadri Gopalnath, a living legend of Carnatic music and a true innovator in introducing the alto saxophone to India. In synthesizing traditional South Indian concepts of melody and rhythm with his inventive style as a jazz composer and improviser, Mahanthappa has masterfully provided a framework that has brought out a spectacular interplay within the ensemble. Kinsmen is a tour-de-force of cross-cultural musical creativity and a landmark contribution to modern music that bears no precedent."

“Mahanthappa creates a music that is at once technically brilliant yet musically cogent, harmonically adventurous yet expressively straightforward. He takes listeners into fascinating Eastern idioms that are otherwise virtually unheard in jazz today.”-Chicago Tribune

“With this visionary new work, Rudresh Mahanthappa is boldly breaking some exciting new ground while going all the way back to his Indian roots.”-JazzTimes

Rudresh Mahanthappa: alto sax
Kadri Gopalnath: alto sax
A. Kanyakumari: violin
Rez Abbasi: guitar, sitar-guitar
Carlo de Rosa: acoustic bass
Poovalur Sriji: mridangam
Royal Hartigan: drums
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