Maksymenko, Michael - BusinessCide Musical Situations 1977-1989

"Maksymenko plays drums with the force and power of a thousand supercomputers, he composes with the originality of a team of duck billed platypuses writing a sequel to Gravity's Rainbow, and he's more fun to listen to than Disneyland."-Henry Kaiser.

This is a collection of some of the very small but very great work by drummer/composer Michael Maksymenko, best known - if at all - for the amazing album and EP he did with the trio Kraldjuranstalten.
It collects eight tracks by Kraldjursanstan (about 2/3rds of their complete output). It also collects songs from his long-lost and never reprinted solo album Nu Kan Det Sagas as well as what I think is a never released 23' version of "Dropped D" with guitarists Bob Adams & Henry Kaiser, bassist Andy West and dual drumming from Michael and John 'Drumbo' French!

"Michael, founder and brain behind the extraordinary Swedish post-Beefheartian group Kraldjursastalten, and world-class ice-hockey player, here collects his extraordinary songbook including much of the two celebrated '70s releases by Kraljursastalten (the Reptile Institution: Michael plus the telepathic twins Stefan and Thomas Agaton), with later recordings from his solo record and released and unreleased pieces with Henry Kaiser, John 'Drumbo' French, Sten Standell, Andy West and others.
Wild lurching swing complexity, ridiculous tempi, great rhythms, sudden mood changes, fine compositions and music that is always to the point: no fat, just coffee and cigarettes.
Genre: Unpopular
. Influences: Anatolij Tarasov, chief-coach and master-trainer of the Soviet national Ice-hockey team 1958-1972, inventor of "collective telepathy at high speed"."-Chris Cutler
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