Malmberg Eric - Den Gatfulla Manniskan

A very plain and simple package hides a rather intriguing little CD. Performed solely on Hammond organ, Malmberg has made an album that will undoubtedly be compared to Bo Hansson's work, and rightly so, as the Hammond in question is apparently Bo's old organ (!!), even though this is a much more stripped down affair than even Bo's most stripped down album "Lord Of The Rings". Not a stunner, but quietly charming. "This album of organ music is the enigmatic debut solo release from Sweden-based Eric Malmberg, former songwriter and organist for the now-defunct Sagor & Swing. Merging timeless melodies and quiet pastoral soundscapes, Malmberg's musicianship has often drawn comparisons to the early work of fellow-Swede Bo Hansson."
  • LabelHapna
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