Mange Feraille - Erba Spontanea

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Anthony Fleury: baritone guitar / organ / voice
Thibault Florent: guitar / organ
Etienne Ziemniak : drums

One long, developing 40’ mass of a album, this is at times comparable a bit with bands like Horse Lords and 75 Dollar Bill. “Erba Spontanea is an adventitious plant, a wild, almost hallucinogenic herb.
The four acts of this 40-minute play are an experience for the body and the senses. In the rumbling of the organ, the clawing of the two guitars and the tireless hammering of the drums, Mange Ferraile explores intimate territory, digs into the soil of the senses to expose emotion.
The exploration of rhythm and sound incorporates repetitive rock, tribal percussion, the Indonesian gamelan, electronic and even psychedelic music to create an intense and hypnotic universe.
We are invited to experience music that has been honed down, set on a compass heading to navigate surface and substance, rocked like a ship blown and beaten between the cosmos and the machine.
From the start we are launched into an orbital sine wave. We whirl from a roller coaster to the wheels of a locomotive ; we swing on a trapeze hung from power lines. We flow from one pole of the battery to the other, in the psychotropic vapors of this erba spontanea, the flower of electro magnectic fields. We speed up, slow down, start again, carried on the waves of a distorted space-time continuum. And in the thundering chaos, the voice, blunt as a club, prods perception as the ground crumbles underfoot…and the circuit breaks.”
  • LabelDur et Doux
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