Tubular World - Tubular Bells 2 x CDs

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Released on Rob Reed’s Tigermoth imprint, Rob’s been dancing around ‘re-dos and inspired bys’ of Tubular Bells for some time now and I guess he finally just decided to DO IT!

“The music from a brand new recording of Tubular Bells with over 35 musicians, many of whom played with Mike Oldfield including Rick Fenn, Phil Spalding, Alasdair Malloy, Steve Hillage, Jay Stapley, Les Penning and Jon Field.
The music, which is based on the original 1973 version, will be released as a double CD accompanying the documentary “To The Manor Born”.
Tom Newman has mixed the album, alongside the accompanying second CD where each track has been mixed by the contributing artists.

Featuring Tom Newman / Tubular Bells Live - Phil Toms / Rich Nolan Steve Smith / James Stirling / Steve Bingham / Brenda Stewart

Tubular Bells for Two - Daniel Holdsworth, Phil Spalding / Jay Stapley/ Steve Hillage / Alasdair Malloy, Robert Reed / Les Penning /

Tubular Tribute - Rubén Alvarez, Ariane Valdivié / Richard García / Manu Herrera, Paco Salazar / Chris Kimber / Hubert Razack / Stefano Fasce, Rick Fenn / Jon Field / Miguel Engel Arcengelus / Ryan Yard, Fadalack - Luis Suria / Juan García / Marcial, Picó / Pablo Egío, Nacho Soto / Cayetano Ruiz / Silverio Carmona, Álvaro Rodríguez Barroso.”
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