McDermott's 2 Hours / The Levellers - Claws And Wings (Mega Blowout Sale)

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McDermott’s Two Hours formed in Brighton in 1986 and were among the first groups to recognise the stirring potential of fusing traditional Celtic and English folk influences with the passion of punk-rock.
They were a big influence on The Levellers, another folk rock band who came a few years later and were made it to a bit higher realm of popularity.
They joined forces for 3 albums.

"This is the second album to have been produced from the collaboration between McDermott's 2 Hours and the Levellers and, like its predecessor 'The World Turned Upside Down', 'Claws and Wings' resonates with energy, wit and an astute political awareness. However, in terms of depth of meaning and breadth of expression, 'Claws and Wings' surpasses the earlier album and radiates a quality of lasting relevance that deserves to be acknowledged. It manages to be both a cohesive body of work, united by the intelligence and subtlety of the lyrics and the collective commitment of the musicians, and at the same time a series of highly individual songs, each of which tells its own story and offers the listener a narrative that, like all good art, burrows into your consciousness. It is hard to select highlights, worthy of particular mention, since each track has its own distinctive potency, whether the tone is one of raw, uncompromised emotion, profound tenderness or jaunty defiance against the odds.
This may be the best of their collaborations. It's mostly acoustic folk music played with acoustic guitars, bass and violin, well sung and produced."
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