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"Mestis is the brain child of Animals As Leaders guitarist Javier Reyes. With a line up including percussion and trombone, intrigue sets in as to what sonic offerings this album provides. Polysemy is the follow up to their début EP Basal Ganglia. On a quest to make his own unique mark with his own distinct sound, Polysemy is the first full-length album which takes you on a personal 38 minute journey through Javier’s mind.

Opening with Gentle Giant this album kicks off with a distinct and heavy guitar sound before dropping into a more relaxed section featuring technical guitar work before dropping into an open and flowing chorus. Not knowing what to expect from this album, this sets the tone that this may be an album that muso’s would very much enjoy.

Pura Vida confirm this with guitar led melodies with complimenting harmonies accompanied by carefully thought out drums to compliment the complexity of the guitar lines. Additionally this song has a video on YouTube that is well worth checking out. At this point with no vocals making an appearance, it is clear that this is a purely guitar led album which will get many a guitarists juices flowing.

Paloma appears later on in the album and is much gentler, making space for accompanying trombone. It is refreshing to see Javier break the mould by challenging a stereotypical line-up.

The album is a juxtaposition of heavier and lighter moments, it’s also simplistic yet technical to make you feel thoughtful and thoughtless. This is an album that is one to put on and listen to rather than to leave running in the background. What is abundantly clear, is Javier Reyes’s prowess as a musician in his own right and it is great to see him step out the arena of Animals As Leaders to leave his own mark."-Rock n Reel Reviews
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