Million Dollar Session - The Complete Million Dollar Session (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“This disc contains every known song from legendary million dollar quartet session recorded by SUN RECORDS of Memphis. It was December 4th 1956 Carl Perkins was completing a recording session in which Jerry Lee Lewis had been playing piano for him with Johnny Cash cutting in to see how things were turning out
This already formidable trio was the joined by Elvis Presley, who dropped by to visit his old friends at Sun. Before too long the million dollar quartet was launched into a jam session. Sun label boss, Sam Phillips, decided to invite the local press along and at some point he also had the tape machine switched on.
What survives on tape is a fascinating and enjoyable flashback to this time when Rock and Roll was young, when its earliest exponents retained their enthusiasm and innocence. Johnny Cash had left by the time these recordings were made but the trio of Perkins, Presley and Lewis provide a thoroughly riveting excursion through their common heritage of gospel and country music and on into rock and roll. None of there artists yet had a million dollars - they just had a million dollars' worth of talent.”
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