Dalachinsky, Steve / The Snobs - Massive Liquidity (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Collaboration between New York beat poet Steve Dalachinsky and French art-rockers The Snobs. Dalachinsky plays with words like models William Burroughs or Allen Ginsberg did few decades ago: using cut-up and automatic writing, he creates new meanings. Not only a writer, Dalachinsky performs regurarly with free-jazz musicians and friends to give his text a new life. You can see the poet at work, how he breaks the rules of the language to create his own and how he embodies his words to converse with the sound of a saxophone or a double bass. "Massive Liquidity" is the result of a Bam Balam Records wish to hear the deep and mysterious Dalachinskys voice mixed with a more rock and electric oriented music. The Snobs are a French duet formed by brothers Mad Rabbit and Duck Feeling in 2003. They produce records on their own and release them on their website for free. Dalachinsky and The Snobs met in winter 2011 in Paris to record some vocals for the project. With the first coming back to New York few days later, the French duet had the freedom to process with sounds just like Dalachinsky did with words: they used edits, collages and experiment to create the most cohesive work. Duck Feeling plays all the instruments on the record: guitar, bass, sitar, electronic organ, psychedelic effects, percussion instruments made with petrol cans or metal sheets. "Massive Liquidity" presents two twenty minutes musical suites made of various influences: 1969's Miles Davis instrumental freedom hit, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten's industrial and elegant sense of rhythm. Psychedelic effects are both essential and measured to let a strict groove between James Brown and Arnold Schoenberg happen. Dalachinsky's voice is the narrative element: it can be a gentle whisper at a moment and turn into a wild and menacing raucous noise just few seconds later. Words and music interact, they sometimes hurt each other or simply become one only powerful and moving sound. The records closing belongs to the voice, which seems to clarify the violent and cosmic experience the listener just had: "It's his head now. Pull the trigger"."

"Described as "an unsurreal post-apocalyptic anti-opera in two acts," Massive Liquidity is a collaboration between Dalachinsky and the Snobs, a French art- rock duet comprised of brothers Mad Rabbit and Duck Feeling. Dalachinsky reads six poems backed by a fascinating musical mix, an amalgam of wide-ranging strands including trumpeter Miles Davis' free-funk period, the post-industrial group Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, psychedelic soundings, not to mention smatterings of singer James Brown and composer Arnold Schoenberg. Combining poetry and music is a delicate affair that requires sensitivity to both elements, and happily Massive Liquidity is a highly successful collaboration. Certainly it helps to work with a poet like Dalachinsky, who has decades of experience working with musicians, not to mention a gift for phrasing and emotive expression. In addition, the Snobs create exhilarating music that supports Dalachinsky at every turn. The music varies immensely while slipping smoothly from one idea to another, including sudden bursts of dissonance, distorted electronic flamenco chords, funky grooves that turn menacing, and wild wailing reminiscent of Polish composer Krzysztof Komeda's brilliant score for the movie Rosemary's Baby. One of the best moments on the CD comes about halfway into the second act. The Snobs electrify Dalachinsky's voice, turning his words into echoey electronic syllables, then layer his voice with his voice. It's all backed by music that sounds like the Batman TV show theme song turned inside out and splintered. Eventually Dalachinsky's voice deconstructs completely, the electronic strands weaving with scorches and screeches and metallic outbursts. It's a funky electronic songfest that has a wild beauty and powerful originality. The classic image of poetry set to music involves an overserious poet, bongo drums, and possibly berets and sunglasses. Dalachinsky and the Snobs blast that stereotype into a million pieces, creating something fresh and exciting that's sure to appeal to enthusiasts from both the literary and musical realms."-AllAboutJazz.com

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