Mirlitorrinco - Odas Mixtas Para Criaturas Minimas CD

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Ricardo Arias: transverse flute, soprano sax, kazoo
Mauricio Ramírez: percussion, drums and jaguar
Nicolás Eckardt: guitar & electric banjo
María "Mange" Valencia: soprano & bass clarinet, alto sax, shehnai

Excellent, entrancing album from Dur et Doux, interestingly featuring an ensemble from Bogota, Columbia. Not strictly acoustic, but certainly more acoustically based than many of the (great) noisy French bands they tend to release! Recommended.
“A creature of a strange morphology and dramatic grunts, the Mirlitorrinco is a unique monotreme mammal. On the other hand is it also the name of a quartet from Bogotá that played its debut performance at matik-matik on July 27, 2017, in a lovely, intimate recital that established it as a prime parlour music ensemble. In resemblance with the little animal singularities, the group exhibits musical habits that are concrete and surreal, drawing from movie soundtrack sounds, naive and playful chamber music, instrumental proto-rock with an experimental bend, and picturesque jazz.
As part of their research agenda, in December 2020 Mirlitorrinco gon on a retreat to Tauratay - a small house in the countryside in the village of Sutatausa, Colombia - to record for 2 days what now becomes "Odas Mixtas para Criaturas Mínimas", Mirlitorrinco's first album. The session includes compositions - micro pieces -, by members of the group, and some pieces from the catalogue of Colombian composer Carlos Gómez, arranged by Mirlitorrinco.
The instrumental versatility of the quartet, which includes flute, soprano and alto saxophones, bass clarinet, kazoo, drums, glockenspiel, electric guitar, bass and some toys, allows for a changing variety of formats. The result are pieces that navigate between minimalism, chamber music, rock, jazz, avant garde, Colombian music, incidental music and pataphysical wordless song.”
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