Isildurs Bane / Peter Hammill - In Disequilibrium CD

If I told you how much difficulty it was for us to get this release after ordering a huge number, and then we only received a tiny handful on release date you'd laugh. So I won't tell you. BUT THEY ARE FINALLY HERE NOW and Peter just sounds fantastic and has lost nothing in terms of his commanding power! Recommended.

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary music. Sweden’s leading chamber rock ensemble, Isildurs Bane, and the legendary Van Der Graaf Generator vocalist and composer, Peter Hammill, has joined forces once again and have risen to that challenge.
In Disequilibrium consists of two contrasting suites that flow with surging melodic themes, sinuous guitar, intricate arrangements for mallet instruments, graceful woodwind, sumptuous orchestral detailing, organic textures, and bracing rhythmic counterpoints.
In fact, everything you would expect from one of the leading Scandinavian progressive rock chamber ensembles that effortlessly mixes tightly composed pieces with supple, free-ranging virtuosity.”

“This is a brilliant album from the great Peter Hammill and Isildurs Bane.
A fine mix of electronica/ambient and the Voice, who has lost none of his majesty over the years!
Really recommend this album.”-P Rodgers
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