Moore, R. Stevie - What's the Point?!! vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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This was the first Cuneiform release and has been out of print for about 25 years, but we just found a couple while moving stuff around in the very back of the warehouse. Stevie is a rare talent, but he's served best when someone is around to help him figure out what his best material is. In the early 80s, that someone was me and I put this compilation of the best of his many, many cassette releases together and I still think it stands as one of his very best releases. Stevie sells this on his site for $100.00, so you may consider that these copies are 75% off!!

"The general mode is new wave, but this is stylistically as varied as a mid-late 70s Todd Rundgren album, and I wouldn't be surprised if Rundgren were one of R. Stevie Moore's many influences. There are a lot of contradictions here: the sound quality definitely bespeaks the fact that it's "homemade", complete with plenty of tape "flutter" and other conventional imperfections, but the lo-fi characteristics enhance the aesthetics. The songwriting and arrangements can be rough and they can be sublime, often at the same time. The best songs, like "Part of the Problem" and "Going Down the Way", have a quirky ingenuity that easily transcends any limitations, and even the more questionable songs still have a lot of charm. Moore's voice often comes across as "singing because I'm the only singer available", but it also tends to fit the material well."
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