Moose Loose - Transition CD

Jon Eberson – guitar
Trond Villa – violin
Håkan Graf – organ, electric piano, Moog, clavinet
Pål Thorstensen – bass
Espen Rud – drums

Originally released on Vertigo only in Norway, this is the first time ever CD reissue of the second and final release by this sought-after jazz/rock band.
Mostly different personnel this time, and an added violinist, but still excellent and generally heavy jazz/rock with some funky clavinet and ferocious guitarwork.

“Norway's Moose Loose offered some of the tightest Jazz Fusion of the era. The 8-minute "Funky Hi-Way" tastefully balances between anthemic yacht-rock melodies and fusion-y improvisational ability. The 10-minute "Trees" starts out as a more traditional progressive-rock proposition, with the violin of Trond Villa taking center stage, before their jazz persona usurps the track, led by the electric piano of Håkon Graf and the bass of Pål Thorstensen; for a while these two personalities battle it out, undecided about which direction to push the track in; eventually, a return to the yacht-rock funkiness is favored, but some acerbic lead-guitar adds hot spice and ends the track in a feverish disco-rock blaze. After two brief interludes that flirt with the romantic and the idyllic, the next behemoth, the 12-minute "White", is maybe not as fervid as the two previous epics, but the taut musicianship succeeds in making the 12 minutes breeze by without a sweat.”-RYM
  • LabelNorske Albumklassikere Jazz
  • UPC7059135210610
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