Moten / Lopez / Cleaver - Fred Moten / Brandon López / Gerald Cleaver CD

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Fred Moten - words
Brandon Lopez - contrabass
Gerald Cleaver - drums

“Critic and theorist Fred Moten joins bassist Brandon López and drummer Gerald Cleaver for a conceptually rich, politically weighty album that asks timeless questions without overexplaining.”-Pitchfork

“Lopez and Cleaver have been improvising together as a duo for a number of years, over which they’ve developed a secret, unspoken language of organically growing repetitive figures in a wide range of sonic palettes. Lopez and Cleaver have long been recognized as some of the most vital voices in contemporary experimental improvised music, each with dozens of recordings and frequent performances in New York and abroad. They are joined here by Fred Moten, the inimitable poet, theorist, critic, and 2020 MacArthur Fellow. Moten’s presence, voicing poetry in an improvisatory syncopation with the instrumentalists, raises the music to third plane, putting the record in a broader collection of legendary spoken-word jazz records from Gil Scott-Heron and Amiri Baraka to the contemporary energies of Moor Mother and Irreversible Entanglements.”
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