Nature Work - Nature Work

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Jason Stein - bass clarinet
Greg Ward - alto saxophone
Eric Revis - bass
Jim Black - drums

“Nature Work was born out of the desire of two talented musicians to work together more closely. Jason Stein and Greg Ward boldly added the incomparable talents of Eric Revis and Jim Black to give their ensemble an unpredictable and intriguing blend of strength, intelligence and adventure, which
There is a place in improvisation where it is in the service of the music to shut off the conscious mind and let the subconscious takeover. Bass clarinetist, composer, and improviser Jason Stein thinks of the work of the subconscious as a natural expression and, thus, considers the act of playing and composing as “nature work.” There might not be a better example of this process than with Stein and saxophonist/composer Greg Ward’s collaborative ensemble, Nature Work.
Long having been a fan of bassist Eric Revis (Branford Marsalis Quartet and Tarbaby), Stein invited him along with the dynamo drummer Jim Black (Human Feel, Alax No Axis and Tim Berne’s Bloodcount) and Ward to play a couple of gigs in Chicago. Four individuals from various places (Chicago, Los Angeles & Brooklyn/Berlin) came together to perform high-energy, creative music and Nature Work was born.
Nature Work is a collection of fervent improvisers who bring a great intensity and willingness to the interpretation of the compositions of Stein and Ward while adding their unique improvisational voice to the collective sound.”
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