New Empire - Second Lifetime CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Fernando Persomo – guitars, sitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Mark Murdock – drums, percussion, vocals, strings and orchestra
Marisol Koss – lead and backing vocals

“The New Empire resurrects the band Empire and features a new line-up of Empire member Mark Murdock, Fernando Perdomo and Marisol Koss. Empire was originally founded by Peter Banks and Sydney Foxx, the latter making a new guest appearance on lead vocals on the re-recording of Foundation. The album also features guest appearances from Dave Kerzner, Julianne Spicer and Dennis Atlas.
The album features both new original songs and re-recordings of tracks by Empire, Flash, Peter Banks and one Yes track. Second Lifetime acts to both establish The New Empire and pay tribute to the late Peter Banks.”
  • LabelForward Motion
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