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Czesław Niemen was one of Poland’s earliest rockers and by 1970, he was also one of the earliest progressive rockers from the Eastern Bloc.
These two albums, originally released separately in 1972, had him adopt a shortened version of his name to try and help break him internationally. These two releases are considered some of his best work and is from the period where his backing band were none other than the better known in the western world, SBB. Soon after this they would leave to become SBB!

“Here Niemen is backed by SBB alongside jazz bassist Helmut Nadolski, whose own album Meditation is another one of the Polish classics. Nadolski infuses everything with this rich, velvety undertow, while SBB takes their first tentative steps toward becoming Poland's greatest band. And when Niemen sings it's beautiful.
Czesław Niemen's 1972 album called Niemen vol.2 is a pretty satisfying prog rock album from the start to the finish. Songs such as "Piosenka dla zmarłej", "Z pierwszych ważniejszych odkryć" and the album closer "Com uczynił..." are really good examples about Niemen's skills. His backing band on this album consists of various musicians some of which would later become the members of SBB. While the five tracks on Vol. 2 offer some heavy progressive rock stuff, the three numbers on Vol 1 out-prog most anything I've heard from Niemen to date.”-rym
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