Nisennenmondai - Nisennenmondai : Live At Clouds Hill

Really fascinating Japanese trio of guitar, bass & drums who stick together noise, repetition, no-wave, electronica, motorik, dance-music, and sound in a way that no one else does. You won't believe that they aren't an 'electronic' group.

"Tokyo-based all-female instrumental trio Nisennenmondai formed in the late '90s and took their name from the Japanese translation of the then-current phrase "Y2K bug." Nisennenmondai - Live At Clouds Hill features live versions of songs from the band's acclaimed 2014 album N recorded by Johann Scheerer. This recording is part of Scheerer's Live At Clouds Hill series, and follows his practice of inviting the band to perform in front of a small audience in his Hamburg studio, Clouds Hill Recordings, for a maximum of 64 minutes -- exactly the length of two analog tapes. Scheerer recorded and mixed the performance live, and straightaway sent off for mastering and manufacturing. This process forces Scheerer, the performers, and the audience to focus on the unique present moment, as the final outcome is irreversible.
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