Nisennenmondai - #N/A

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"#N/A (literally, Nisennenmondai with Adrian Sherwood) is a new studio album which sees the cult Japanese trio filtering their epic motorik jams through the mixing desk of the legendary dub producer.From their initial beginnings as a noisy no wave band openly referencing influences such as Sonic Youth, DNA and This Heat, they have since honed and streamlined their sound into a more minimalistic pulse with an emphasis on the hypnotic possibilities of repetition, creating a sound that can be likened to ‘organic techno’.
Described by Allmusic's Heather Phares as "taking as much inspiration from the cool kids at school as they do from experimentalists like This Heat, The Pop Group, Sonic Youth, DNA and Neu!, Nisennenmondai compose raw and repetitive (post) punk instrumentals, which can be groove-oriented whilst also having a no wave/disco vibe. Himeno tirelessly pounds at her snare and bass drum while slashing her cymbals, while Takada adds layers of delayand clangy sounding distortion.” This international edition of the album includes 2 bonus ‘live dub mixes’."
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