Noble, Liam - Romance Among the Fishes

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Excellent, very composerly UK jazz pianist meets up with the great US rhythm section of Tom Rainey and Drew Gress + guitarist Phil Robson. Recommended!

"Romance Among the Fishes", recorded in New York in August 2004, came out of a commission for the 2004 Cheltenham Jazz Festival. The music demonstrates Liam Noble's highly original approach to composition in a suite which was written specifically for the players featured on the album. Tom Rainey's highly original percussive style and Drew Gress's virtuosic and responsive bass playing were Liam's inspiration for the work. With his long-term associate guitarist Phil Robson, whose versatility complements Liam's inventiveness as an improvising pianist, the quartet have created pieces that demonstrate a strong musical empathy between players whose backgrounds and influences are very diverse.

"'Romance Among the Fishes' is an excellent album that held up very well with repeated listenings and should serve to raise international awareness of Noble's excellent playing and writing. In this day and age of Jazz retreads, it's refreshing to encounter a genuinely original voice."-David Kane, Cadence
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