Hufnagel, Kevin - Songs for the Disappeared

Kevin is the guitarist/leader of the fantastic post-metal/mathrock trio Dysrhythmia, but this is something utterly different. It's a record of compositions for acoustic guitar, made with overdubs and studio work and using prepared guitar. Wonderful textures, ideas and melodies. Even though it sounds nothing like "The Legend of Vernon McAlister", it's similar in that it uses acoustic guitar, but it isn't afraid to do whatever it takes to that acoustic guitar to get the sounds that the creator hears in his head. This won't be the biggest selling record of the month here, but it will be the record I play the most this month. Highly recommended.

"Whirlwind guitarist Kevin Hufnagel, one third of progressive instrumentalists Dysrhythmia, issues this beautiful, melancholy collection of tunes centered on eclectic and exploratory uses of the acoustic guitar."

You can hear his music here

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