Pan Y Regaliz/Cerebrum/Evolution - Todas Sus Grabaciones Para Discos Dimension (1969 - 1972) 2 x CDs

Fantastic idea; take the complete, rare output of three Spanish bands and put them all together in one nice double set, and with full liner notes and discographies. From Barcelona, Pan & Rgaliz (Bread & Licorice) recorded just one album in 1971, and it is a fine psychedelic/progressive work, comparable to Group 1850 with some Spanish touches that can be heard. This album, I Can Fly, is one of the rarest, most expensive Spanish collectables. The Madrid band Cerebrum (Brain) recorded two singles in 1970, and both of them are here. Great, wild psychedelia, with fuzzed guitars galore. Evolution were actually Germans who relocated to Spain. The music, between 1969-71, as captured here on their singles and only album, is rather heavy. They include cover versions of King Crimson's Schizoid Man and In the Court of the Crimson King and Spirit's Fresh Garbage, which along with Spooky Tooth, Procol Harum & Traffic seemed to be their influences. This is good stuff, although I can't get that excited about cover versions, no matter how good they are. Their recordings too are amazingly rare nowadays. A great peek into the Spanish scene at a time when it was just forming.
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