Parker, Evan / Sylvie Courvoisier - Either Or And

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“There are obvious factors that set these two free improvisers apart. Courvoisier's approach is more steeped in contemporary classical music. But this does not prevent them from overcoming their differences and finding common ground. In fact, thry don't even need any time to size each other up. The pianist's blunt attack is immediately on display, and the saxophonist is quick yo put his screechy warbled tenor lines against her heavy and potent clusters and runs.
Patker's generous sound on the tenor and occasional polyphonies are most striking, but on a couple of pieces he switches to the soprano. He deftly engages in his signature whirlwind ("Stillwell"), and his tone turns acrid in response to the pianist;s tantalizing moves on the darker "Penumbra." Courvoisier relies on an arsenal of techniques to create unique moods. She can suggest mystery as she strums the piano strings at the onset of "Oare" or urgency as she gives the strings a much rougher treatment (Spandrel").
Even though the duo can get confrontational, they also know how to turn their dueling into fun and communicate the pleasure they take in playing with each other.”-Alain Drouot / Downbeat
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