Shipp, Matthew - Root Of Things

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“‘Root Of Things’ is a good example of how an unconventional arrangement can make very natural sounding music. Bisio’s bass lines syncs up with Shipp’s piano lines then diverge onto its own parallel path only to reunite with Shipp again. Dickey acts not as a timekeeper but a third timbre zone, serving dashes of cymbals and tom-toms in measured portions. Together, the symmetry produces something that doesn’t seem ordered but makes sense.
For ‘Solid Circut,’ it’s Shipp’s turn to begin the performance alone. The way he modulates his tempo is just as important in the musical message he’s sending as the notes he’s playing. Remindful of last year’s sublime Piano Sutras, this lasts for nearly five minutes before his rhythm section ushers themselves in. The vibe from that solo part remains when Bisio and Dickey appear, but now there are now three performers playing out Shipp’s thoughts introduced when he was playing unaccompanied; later on, Shipp and Bisio improvise together in almost hushed tones.
Shipp is one of the last truly original piano improvisers; no one since him can match his depth without sounding too much like someone else. Like prior Matthew Shipp Trio recordings, Root of Things extends those unique qualities to a three-man unit. Also like those prior releases, they find new ways of standing apart.”-S. Victor Aaron / Something Else
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