Penning, Les / Robert Reed - Return To Penrhos CD + DVD

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Les Penning-Recorder [Soprano, Renaissance & Treble], Crumhorn [Alto], Zither [Bowed Psaltry], Recorder [Garklein], Ocarina [Owl], Gemshorn [Tenor], Low Whistle [F and D], Vocals [Spoken word], Bells
Robert Reed-Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar [Nylon], Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Melodica, Mandolin, Bodhrán, Banjo, Vocals

“Glorious and wonderful album - Return to a time of autumnal forest strolls and breezy hilltops of England and Wales with the rustic smells and beer and cheese.”

Les Penning is known for many appearances with Mike Oldfield. “Oldfield? Did I hear you say Oldfield?”, cried HUGE Oldfield fan Rob Reed, he of Magenta and solo releases fame.
This is a nice folky prog / symphonic prog that is obviously meant to fit right in the Oldfield universe and is really nice.
Includes a bonus DVD with promo videos and live tracks!
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  • LabelTigermoth
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