Penthouse 5 - The WorD is Love CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Rare and lost recordings by one of the greatest garage/acid punk bands from Texas — with the added bonus of the By Fives garage killer 'I Saw You Walking.’ Although the Penthouse 5 started out as a Merseybeat garage band, in 1966 and early 1967, they changed to a melodic psychedelic and folk rock sound.
The band is best remembered for their 1966 garage killer 'Bad Girl', the Beatleesque 'You’re Gonna Make Me' and more Byrds like folk-rocking recordings such as 'In The Shadow' or 'Don’t Mess Around With My Dream'.
The singer on the more psychedelic Penthouse 5 tracks was Jon Williams, who had previously been in Dallas band the WordD — an outstanding folk-rock band from Dallas, who are heavily featured in Ugly Things magazine (UGLY THINGS #56).
They only released one single, but recorded other unreleased tracks which are included on this disc. Alongside the Penthouse 5 recordings, the rare 7”ers of these three closely linked bands (Penthouse 5, By Fives and The WordD) are all collected for this release. Contains all of the bands’ singles, alternate versions, as well as unreleased material, which is equally good.”
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