Jujus - You Treat Me Bad (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Since their arrival on the music scene in 1965, the mystique of The JuJus and their lead singer, Ray Hummel, has continued to grow over the ensuing decades (helped along by the inclusion of 'You Treat Me Bad' on the first volume of Pebbles in 1979). That song, their first single, rose to the number two position on the top 40 and catapulted the band to regional fame in Michigan.
The JuJus initially blended an impressive brand of folk-rock and British-invasion sounds with a raw garage band sound. In 1967 they opted for a more psychedelic sound. Compiled on this 14-track LP reissue are all the JuJu singles, as well as a plethora of unreleased gems from 1965 to 1967. A detailed booklet contains a retrospective of The JuJus as related by band member Rod Shepard, alongside cool photos and band memorabilia.”
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