Pierre, Antoine - Urbex

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Antoine Pierre: drums
Bert Cools: guitar
Bram de Looze: piano
Steven Delannoye: clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax
Jean-Paul Estiévenart: flugelhorn, trumpet
Fréderic Malempré: percussion
Toine Thys: clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax
Félix Zurstrassen: electric and double bass

Since everyone enjoyed Urbex Electric so much, here’s his first as a leader from 2016.
Modern, composerly jazz with a great band.

“The title of this CD is a contraction of ‘urban exploration’ and the pieces are (according to the press release) inspired by the aesthetics of abandoned buildings. Having said this, the pieces seem to divide into those with trees in their title, those with urban associations and two pieces dedicated to ‘Moon’ (Antoine’s partner). The titles of the pieces range from ‘Coffin for a Sequoia’ to ‘Metropolitan Avenue’ and, from the titles, one can imagine a thematic development of nature being overtaken by buildings and then those same buildings being reclaimed by nature.
The sleeve notes describe the intent of the CD, in words that feel like a description of a dream: “Je traverse la cour qui entoure ce batiment” (helpfully, the sleeve notes offer an English translation as, ‘I am walking across the yard towards that building’). This description culminates in “j’admire l’esthétique d’une lente destruction” (‘I admire the aesthetic of slow destruction’).
From this, I had anticipated pieces which worked on themes with gradual changes, perhaps in a sort of minimalist shifting of tonal centre or subtle changing in harmony or rhythm. This is not quite what happens. For example, the first two pieces begin with interesting rhythmic patterns but simple melodies. It feels as if the drummer in Antoine has set up the rhythm and the composer in him is simply following this. As the pieces develop, the harmony changes to such an extent that the initial theme disappears. At first I thought that this arose from the improvisatory nature of the other players but on further listening there is a sense in which these breaks are also composed. While there are pieces which find resolution, others feel a little adrift and the breaks take the players further from the initial melodies. The title piece, track 5 ‘Urbex’, begins with strummed bass and fractured drum patterns, before moving in a set of breaks for trumpet, sax, piano, bass, and a final sax break, with the drums propelling the piece. As a drummer, Antoine can play in the background but seems happiest working a small kit, as is the current fashion, busily around his players, like a sheepdog herding a flock between pens.”-JazzViews
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